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The Cortina was a run away success, however nothing stays the same forever, and in 1967 the Mark 2 Cortina was launched, this model became the best selling car in the UK, knocking the technically superior, although less reliable Austin/Morris 1100 range from the top spot.

Originally launched with the same engine range as the Mark 1, I.E. 1159 cc and 1498 cc, the model was slightly updated in 1968 with a new range of technically superior and also more economical engines known as the "Kent" Crossflow engine, these were 1298 cc and 1598 cc, they soon became favorites with engine tuners and those who wanted an engine that could be easily "tweaked up". The engine went on to power the Ford Capri range as well as the MK 1 and MK2 Escorts.

In 1967, the Cortina 1600E was launched, this featured a GT Engine, wood paneling to the dash board and doorcaps, it also had Lotus designed lowered suspension and "Rostyle wheels". This car soon gained cult status, and was the "must have" car of the day. I believe this explains why this model is still highly sought after even today some 30 years after production ended!
A good example can change hands now for up to £ 4000.

Jeremy Clarkson's first car was a 1600E and is still believed to be on the road today. 
Many regard the MK2 as the the "Real" or "Proper"Cortina.

Picture Gallery


Ford Promotional (From Australia) picture showing probably the most popular Cortina ever. Note the low suspension and huge, by 1960's standards, chrome wheels.

The badge that said it all, the E stood for executive !


mk2 2 door

A closer look at this still from the film "Starskey and Hutch" reveals a Mark 2 Cortina hiding in the background.

I wonder if it will be painted red and a large white
stripe painted on the side ?

A 1968 2 door 1300 deluxe Mark 2 Cortina.

As standard apart from the addition of the rostyle wheels and steering wheel from a 1600E.
I think it looks great !
Many thanks to Steve Sawer for his permission to include this picture.


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